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Trooks: Function in Nature

Sometimes the simplest things captivate us. When Geoffrey Fisher contacted Cait regarding his hand crafted “Trooks” (The invention of tree and hook combined) we knew that we had found another perfect fit. Having had his products featured in some of our favorite blogs, we decided to jump on board and bring his hooks and magnets to HFM. (Check them out here)

This is Geoffrey’s story on how he got started making these hooks and why we are loving what he does…

“We lost our lovely lilac tree last year as a result of the severe winter so had no other choice but to remove it and think of a way of using the wood so all was not lost. Clearly there wasn’t enough to make a ladder back chair so I decided to make something less complicated – the humble hook.

This turned into what we now call the “Trook” from the words “Tree” and “Hook” and is made from the natural wastage produced when a tree needs to be cut back or sadly comes to the end of its life. By their very nature Trooks are totally unique which means each one has its own character and appearance.”

I’ve already been hanging them throughout the store and plan on bring home a few for the mudroom.  Have a look at the following blogs to see other great resourceful ideas.







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  1. Posted April 2, 2012 at 6:47 PM | Permalink

    Love these! Our family has a very rustic cottage in Michigan, and these would be great there. But I think our DIYers will insist on making themselves. Every spring when we first go up, there are more downed trees than we know what to do with–now we’ll have a project!

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